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“Jake is a sharp, fun and incredibly creative professional. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with him. He has an eye for the aesthetics while he remains organized and efficient – a rare combination. We’ll be seeing his name up in lights someday.”

- Hailee Tavoian Director of Communication & Marketing, Ohio University Student Affairs

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jake Lawson for two years  Lawson’s creativity is unparalleled.  Lawson excels in his ability to reach and engage niche demographics.  The ski properties were looking for an engaging, fast-paced, informational video.  We granted Lawson creativity freedom on this project. This promotional video was so spot-on that we are using this same video in movie theater ads, tv commercials, and website promotions.  This production received 960k views, 1,300 comments, and 13,918 shares on Facebook, alone.  Note- this is a 100% organic reach with individuals who have never heard of our property, commenting and sharing our operation. This is just one example of Lawson’s incredible productions in the two years of our partnership.”

- Thomas Conti Director Of Marketing BMBW/AV Ski Resorts.

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